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Ellie is two months old today!

At two months Ellie is: learning to control her bobble head, smiling a lot, finally fitting into her 3 month-sized clothes (and size 1 diapers), and is starting to lose her hair.

I’m in shock how fast time goes by, but everyday I just love this little peanut more and more!

  1. imeanduh said: Also off her sleep apnea machine!
  2. simplybeverly said: Happy 2 months!! She is adorable.
  3. livemylove said: Yay for Ellie!
  4. thelandofla said: Holy cow! 2 months already!? She really has such a sweet face.
  5. yallhush said: That pillow!
  6. td-tinydancer said: I might (need to double check the size) for you. Found them in the move. A completely unopened box!
  7. angrygirlfrienddiaries said: Isn’t it the very best when they start smiling?? The feedback feels great :)
  8. ibeaudoin said: she is absolutely beautiful!