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A Jersey Girl turned Northern Virginia Girl.

This "blog" is a collection of useless things including, but not limited to:

• Pictures of my dog Macho
• Pictures of my other dog Beamer
• Things I try to DIY
• Races I run
• Tales of Love + Marriage
• Beautifying our Home Sweet Home
• Getting ready for Baby #1

And many more random things!

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Searching for the perfect pump? Look no further!

These Michael Michael Kors leather pumps are extremely comfortable—trust me, I’ve been through a lot of pumps in my life—and worth every penny! 

  1. thekeevster said: I have michael kors wedges that I love…so comfortable!
  2. smallnmighty said: key question: toe cleavage or no?
  3. almosthalfway said: i have them and couldn’t agree more!
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  5. heywhysoserious said: Ohh! I’ve been searching for new black shoes. Thanks lady!
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