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Was up until 1:30 am sewing these bad boys! So obsessed with them and how they just complete (and liven up) the room!

Still to do: the little mini window, just to the right in the 2nd picture.

Love love love!

Fabric is Richloom Cynthia Marina

Once it’s completely done, I’ll post a new picture from my good camera to get the colors right! 

AHH! Obsessed.

  1. nosmokewithoutpryor said: looks so great!
  2. katiebellbananas said: i have a window rod that is wooden, and it is about this length. it was a bitch to get home.
  3. brtalbott said: Do you have any advice in sewing curtains? I am about to take the leap and I’m terrified!
  4. jenandginger said: Well done!
  5. jillianwithak said: love the fabric!
  6. truebluelist said: Looks great!
  7. almosthalfway said: looks great!