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St. Lucia!

If Eric knew one thing about me, it was that I wanted to go on vacation. Badly. You might even say I was nagging. The original plan was to go to Europe, but then Macho tore his ACL and cost us around $3,000 in vet bills, so…. yeah. That was out.

And while it’d be awesome to go to Europe, just the two of us getting away somewhere is good enough for me! 

We snagged this deal off of Groupon actually and combined two of the 5-night stays so we’ll be there for 11 days/10 nights, leaving right after our 3rd anniversary (crazy). We’ll be staying at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort which has nothing but fabulous reviews on every travel site I look.

To say I’m excited is the understatement of the year! 

TL;DR: We’re going to St. Lucia and I need to get my bikini body fitness on immediately.

  1. butwhyisallthewinegone said: We went for our honeymoon. It’s gorgeous!!!
  2. heelsandhardhat said: …can i come?
  3. notsoplainandtall said: That’s where I’m going for my honeymoon!
  4. thegreatworldofmelissa said: Jealous!