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So, it turns out yesterday wasn’t Saturday, but instead Sunday. Unfortunately for me, I figured this out around 6 p.m. last night.

This weekend was one for the books though, so I can’t complain too much.

Friday consisted of eating too much chips/salsa/guac (is that possible?) and drinking too many drinks at a local Mexican place near our house. Dinner was followed by a driveway fire pit party at my neighbor’s where more drinks were consumed until 2 a.m.


Saturday consisted of a 5 mile run with Beamer (somehow had the energy), planting spring flowers in our flower bed, and a cajun cooking class at Cookology for Eric’s birthday! We made bacon-wrapped jalepeno poppers, shrimp gumbo, and beignets! Everything was very, very delicious and the class was fun! 



Sunday consisted of brunch with some very lovely Tumblr ladies and meeting the one and only Luci! (Waiting on that picture!) After 2 hours of bottomless mimosas and Bellinis, I met up with a couple other girl friends at Marvin for another drink (or two three) and then onward to Nellie’s for a quick bite to eat. It was then I was led to believe it was Saturday and not Sunday and I was very excited about it. Turns out, it wasn’t true.

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