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I need nude open-toe shoes for my sister’s wedding. The dress is a cotton blend—so fairly casual (in the grand scheme of bridesmaid dresses). I would like to continue wearing these as everyday shoes.

1- Platform peep toe with wood heel

2- Platform peep toe dark natural leather

3- Platform peep toe buff leather


  1. champagnetoasts answered: #3 for sure.
  2. heywhysoserious answered: i like three
  3. littlemiss-melly said: not sure if you’ve already picked, but i like #3
  4. maltyk said: Three!
  5. skinnies-and-stripes said: Three! Three! Three!
  6. lifeandpictures said: 1st options my fav!
  7. meesharose said: I love two! So pretty.
  8. alyssasaid said: where’s the bottom right from? my bridesmaids are wearing nude pumps too
  9. esofine said: I vote 3!
  10. maryanne said: Platform peep buff leather
  11. cupofchi said: 3
  12. simplybeverly said: 2!
  13. rosestoreality said: 3!
  14. landofthepine said: One is good for also everyday, but really like two, which is a bit dressier. I think three is too light, but what color is the dress?
  15. girlwithcurlsandglasses said: 1 or 3
  16. amavalapizza said: 3, for sure
  17. uffdabrooke said: #3!!
  18. tamsgot said: 3
  19. thekeevster said: 2!!
  20. ibroughtyousometoast said: Seriously. Number 3 is the cat’s pajamas.
  21. islandgirljam said: I’m a fan of #3
  22. kimbaland posted this