...and then I found $5.

A Jersey Girl turned Northern Virginia Girl.

This "blog" is a collection of useless things including, but not limited to:

• Pictures of my dog Macho
• Pictures of my other dog Beamer
• Things I try to DIY
• Races I run
• Tales of Love + Marriage
• Beautifying our Home Sweet Home
• Our sweet baby girl Ellie

And many more random things!

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Hi. Broken record here.

But if you still aren’t using Ebates… then… I don’t know? Maybe we should just be friends?

  1. vinomeg said: I can’t even tell you the run around I got last trying to collect my measly check of $16. Still trying to rack up the moola…
  2. marisnotmelis said: wow, SUPER impressed
  3. littlelaur said: how did you do this?! i love ebates but i seriously don’t think i’ve ever made it above $30…
  4. dealwithitdotgif said: I have never even come close to 100 bones. Good job!
  5. pugandababy said: I either don’t do enough online shopping, or the stores I do shop at offer measly % back. Though I am pretty excited about the $29 I’m getting.
  6. meesharose said: I just used mine when I ordered textbooks from Chegg, and good lord I got a lot back.
  7. luciwithani said: and here i was excited at my $28
  8. jelizabethl said: I’m obviously doing something wrong because I only get like $10 back each time
  9. revaballerina said: im at 14$. jeal
  10. postgradslump said: damn! i need to online shop more. i’m only getting $20 back.
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