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Your license plate is customized with the model of your car.

i.e. JOES X3, MY5BMR, etc.

  1. twohippiechic said: I used to work with a guy who had a miata (gross) and his license plate was miiaatta or something stupid like that
  2. emilyposts said: i just had this thought yesterday when i saw “benz”
  3. inaudiblewords said: Notice they’re all douche BMW drivers…
  4. marisnotmelis said: I saw one the other week that was 318 i s…not ok
  5. brooklyntree said: SERIOUSLY
  6. emilyatthejs said: my old boss was “EWABUG” Guess what kind of car she had? She thought it was the most clever license plate in the world.
  7. phenthouse said: grew up with a kid whose mother drove a bmw z3. License plate was “Z CUBED”
  8. haygirlhay said: amen
  9. kimbaland posted this