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I bet your reading comprehension scores were always lower than average on standardized tests, yes?

The point of my post was that I wasn’t thanked by this individual for going out of my way to help him save money around the holidays. I wasn’t looking for internet people to tell me what a good person I am.

And re: your “email address”… it seems like you’re the only person who cares so much, as you took time out of your oh-so-busy life to write this stupid comment. Thanks for the traffic!

Oh, and…


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  1. thepreppyhippielife said: Insert Stephanie Tanner’s “how rude” gif
  2. passtheranch said: Can you think of anyone you went to high school with but who failed to graduate and is still working on his/her GED? That’s who zzzz is.
  3. thedailycourtney said: Hope you get the “vindication” you are looking for.
  4. shanapreferspajamas said: COMMENT! COMMENT! I don’t even know to make the kind of comment this person did, and maybe the guy you gave the coupon to was overwhelmed at having to shop with a teenager in public, so a “sure” was all he could muster.
  5. thelandofla replied:
  6. champagnetoasts said: ass. hat. {also- haters gonna hate}
  7. itsalwaysb said: Sometimes if I hold the door for someone and they don’t say thank you I say “you’re welcome”. I guess that’s because I need recognition for my low self confidence. Pheww glad I got that off my chest.
  8. definitelyjennifer said: what is wrong with people?! i don’t get how you can have THAT much free time on your hands and want to spend it being a troll
  9. largesunglasses said: I think someone is bitter they weren’t at the right BBB at the right time.
  10. meesharose said: no coupons for you douche
  11. truebluelist said: Incredible. Ugh.