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Every summer and fall, Eric and I make it a point to go on a hike with the pups. We try to pick a new trail every time, as there are lots of beautiful sights to be seen in Virginia and surrounding areas.

This time, we traveled to Dickerson, Maryland to hike Sugarloaf Mountain. For obvious reasons, it’s a requirement that the Fall hike has to have amazing views. I’m not spending hours “being one” with nature only to see mediocre sights. 

The views from Sugarloaf did not disappoint.

View from the first overlook, towards Virginia.

Foliage abounds!

Macho thought the views were nice, but nothing compared to his cuteness.

Beamer was loving the views and the beautiful weather.

Dogs on a rock, because why not?

We attempted a family photo, but it didn’t work out as planned. So, a self-portrait of me & E was as best as it was gonna get.

Views from the 2nd outlook

And of course, for every scenery picture taken I had to take one of the dogs. These are their Fall 2012 portraits.

Fall is beautiful.

View of Sugarloaf from the road, on our way home.

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