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I think I’m going to look into a sewing class.

I’ve had my sewing machine for years now and am able to use it for very basic things, and I kinda just use it without instruction. But I foresee a lot more DIY textiles for our home and would like to stop winging it. (Although I seem to be pretty good at just winging it.)

I can’t wait to meet Doris, Ruth and Betty Sue.

  1. imaprincesssowhat said: Oooh, I just took a sewing class. Everyone in the class was a total Cat Lady.
  2. littlemisshappyhour said: One of my girlfriends just signed up for a sewing class and loves it (she also is taking pole dancing classes to “maintain the balance”) but says she loves the sewing class more. DO IT!
  3. tehvalerie said: I took a quilting class and wasn’t even the youngest person there. You might be surprised!
  4. oh-onelovelyday said: I would love to know how to sew AND knit. 90 yr old woman over here!
  5. constantlyintransition said: I want a sewing machine SO badly!
  6. cynicismandspunk said: I hear Ethel has a mean whipstitch
  7. maryanne said: Dude… I would totally take a sewing class with you. I’d like to learn how to sew my own pillows and maybe make a skirt or two. Oh and I also really want to learn how to monogram using one of those machines. I would monogram the shit out of life.
  8. muchtoyourchagrin said: You’re not alone. I thought about signing up for a sewing lesson too… but just haven’t gotten around to it. You should totally do it!
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