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A Jersey Girl turned Northern Virginia Girl.

This "blog" is a collection of useless things including, but not limited to:

• Pictures of my dog Macho
• Pictures of my other dog Beamer
• Things I try to DIY
• Races I run
• Tales of Love + Marriage
• Beautifying our Home Sweet Home
• Our sweet baby girl Ellie

And many more random things!

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skinnies-and-stripes tagged me to post the FIRST picture taken on my phone. I regularly delete/backup my camera roll to save space on my phone but this was the first picture taken with my iPhone 4 via Dropbox. It’s of the Rocky Mountains via my flight to San Francisco in February 2011!

I’ll tag lifebyliz, wineandglitterplease, and cheeseandsarcasm.

Fucking traveling on the Friday of #LDW is the actual worst idea we’ve ever had. #movebitchgetouttheway

1. Counter Surfing
2. Working on Sitting
3. Being Adorable

Happy Friday!

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Name: Kim

Birthday: February 11

Favorite Color: I’m an equal opportunity color lover. It depends! Maybe turquoise/teal?

Lucky Number: 2 

Height: 5’5”

Talents: Internetting

Last Dream You Remember: That implies I sleep deeply enough to dream. LOL.

Can You Juggle: Nope

Do You Like Writing: Not really. I don’t consider myself a good writer. I have a hard time translating thoughts to words that make sense.

Do You Like Dancing: When I’m drunk, there’s no stopping me. Normally? No.

Do You Like Singing: I do! Eric doesn’t like my singing.

/Dream Vacation: I really want to go back to Italy, namely Rome.

Dream Guy: Justin Timberlake Eric, my dear, sweet husband.

Dream Wedding: Been there, done that. Nothing “dreamy” about it, just a great time with friends and family.

Dream Pet: A Golden Retriever puppy that looks like a puppy for its whole life.

Dream Job: I don’t think that exists.

Favorite Song: I’m not good at having favorites… I don’t know?


Guys/Girls/Both: Dooods

Hair Color: Doesn’t matter?

Eye Color: Blue, so I can ensure that all of my children continue to have blue eyes.

Humorous/Serious: Humorous

Tall/Short: Tall

Biggest Turn Off: Inconsistencies with using title case. I just went through this survey and fixed it all. Also dirty/messy/unorganized things in general.

Biggest Turn On: Pizza

I’m breaking the rules and not tagging anyone. If you want to play, jump on in.

where everyone keeps their Outlook calendars up-to-date?

I can’t. 

First, apologies that all I talk about lately is breastfeeding but it’s a hot topic/current event in my life right now, so…

Maybe Tumblr isn’t the best forum for this, but I have a question for working moms who both pumped and continued to breastfeed (when possible) after they went back to work. 

They say that the baby is more effective in getting milk out than a pump. OK. So that means when I substitute a pump session at work for what would have been a breastfeeding session, I’m not pumping as much as Ellie would have (most likely) eaten. Right? 

So then how do I, without supplementing with formula, make sure she’s getting enough milk throughout the day? Especially if she’s now *whispering* sleeping through the night because that cuts out an entire feeding. And I’m can’t/won’t be getting up around 2 am to pump what she would have eaten.

Right now, to determine how much she needs, I use the method that babies eat on average 25 oz/day divided by the number of times they eat. So now if she drops her night feeding, that means I have to increase throughout the day… which seems, hard. Which I guess is why most people supplement. And I will if I have to, I’m just trying to do what I can not to.

Do I pump an extra time (at night, after she goes to bed) and then add that to the bottles I pumped throughout the day?

Fenugreek seems to make Ellie really gassy so I’m not sure I want to continue using that. 

Any other advice/suggestions?

but I slept from 10-5 last night without waking up.

And I’ll leave it at that.

  • Eric to Ellie: Do you like your dinosaur?!
  • Me: That would be a lamb.

What kind of dog mom would I be if I didn’t acknowledge National Dog Day?! Happy day from my babies—fur and regular—to yours.

Today on the Facebook Neighborhood Yard Sale group…

A hamster, who bites, for $20.

My first day back in the office is over. I had meetings all day, and when I had breaks I had to pump so it went by very fast. Little Miss was happy to see me when I picked her up! Gosh, I missed her.

Just sitting here in the “Mother’s Room” at work having feelings about how teeny tiny my baby was!