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• Things I try to DIY
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• Beautifying our Home Sweet Home
• Getting ready for Baby #1

And many more random things!

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At the most, I have only 32 days of work left until my due date arrives. Of those 32, I only have to be in the office for 14 of them when I take into account my telecommuting days and the 2 weeks I plan to work from home prior to my due date.

IT FEELS LIKE SUMMER VACATION… kinda because it will be!

I was only half kidding when I asked Eric if the baby needed this jumbo stuffed Golden Retriever in her room.

Maybe only like, 10% kidding.

I was only half kidding when I asked Eric if the baby needed this jumbo stuffed Golden Retriever in her room.

Maybe only like, 10% kidding.

I’ve never seen Million Dollar Listing New York until now, but I LOVE this Fredrik character.

The looks I get when I say the magic word… “Hungry?”

I reset my iPad and need our wifi password but I’m too lazy/comfy to get up.

I wish I could move things with my mind.

Here I am, walking through a grassy field with the dogs (on leashes) going back home after a bathroom break.

This guy who was walking around the perimeter of the field, and who saw me a short time before, decided it’d be appropriate to let his dog off the leash. Fine—if your dog behaves. We almost NEVER let Macho off his leash, Beamer we do because he listens to us. However that is a moot point since both of mine were leashed.

This dog comes running at us—of course—and my dogs start getting really excited. Mind you, Macho is over 100 lbs and Beamer just shy of 90, so when they get going I have to hunker down and use all my muscle to restrain them. Beamer was yanking on the leash so I had to let him go in order to keep Macho under control. I could have (should have) just let both dogs go and knock the guy straight to the ground, but I consider myself to be a responsible dog owner.

So this guy mosies up to me, doesn’t utter a fucking word… not even, let’s say, "I’M SORRY", hands me back Beamer and walks away. Now I don’t use my pregnancy as an excuse for much—actually, nothing—but it was clear that I was struggling because of this guy’s poor choices and he can’t even apologize to me? I know I’m the one who has the big dogs and I can’t fault anyone for their behavior, but what dog DOESN’T get overly excited/protective when a strange dog comes running at them/their owner?

I was so mad that I didn’t say a word to him because had I, I think it would have been “fuck you, dick.”

So he walks away and I’m standing there straightening out their leashes, trying to get everything back in order when the poop bag container falls off the leash and the roll of bags goes flying onto the ground, unraveling. Mr. Fuck Dickhead turned around and walked towards me so I was thinking maybe he’d help pick up the bags because, oh you know, I’m just 8 months pregnant trying to bend over and pick shit up and control my dogs that you riled up, but no. He continues to just walk right on by. 

Sorry if I rambled or made no sense, but I’m really just shocked by this guy’s behavior/lack of compassion. And I wish he was a teenager who didn’t know any better, but he looked to be about 40 so there goes that.

Last Week: I’m going to throw away this stockpile of Bed Bath & Beyond coupons I’ve been hoarding for a couple years. I don’t need anything from there right now.

Today: I need a few things at BB&B. Where are those coup… oh yea.

Edit: My coworkers are bringing some in for me, but thank you all for the kind offers!

Major props to hand models because mine always look fat and blobby. Anyway, I’m digging this grandma pink polish! Maybelline Color Show in Hibiscus Haven.

Girrrrrlllll/boyyyyyyyy, you just like my favorite Sharpie. Ultra fine.

I’ve seen insane Pinterest boards on what to pack in your hospital bag that include candles, portable speakers, a glam squad (not really, but might as well), etc.

The nurse at our child care class this weekend said to bring a going home outfit for you and baby, and maybe a nursing pillow.

Two completely opposite ends of the spectrum. 

So, moms. What do I really need to bring? 

Necessary office supplies. To me, this is heaven. #sharpielove

Putting your flashers on while illegally parking in a handicap spot doesn’t make it OK.

Today I lined the drawers of the dresser/changing table. It looks awful up close, but oh well.

A non-selfie/bathroom belly shot. 33 weeks today… just 7 to go!

Me and E spent the afternoon in Old Town Alexandria after our baby care class this morning! Bee-youuuu-ti-ful day out!