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A Jersey Girl turned Northern Virginia Girl.

This "blog" is a collection of useless things including, but not limited to:

• Pictures of my dog Macho
• Pictures of my other dog Beamer
• Things I try to DIY
• Races I run
• Tales of Love + Marriage
• Beautifying our Home Sweet Home
• Our sweet baby girl Ellie

And many more random things!

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A year ago on this day we found out that I was pregnant. There was no big reveal to Eric. I was working from home, took a test, and told him it was positive via g-chat. How un-Pinteresty of me. I wanted to wait until he was home, to tell him in person, but I couldn’t hold it in.

In my typical guarded fashion, I was hesitant to be outwardly excited, but deep down I was ecstatic. Though it was a bit rocky towards the end, I loved every minute of being pregnant. 

Today, one year later, I feel so incredibly lucky to be Ellie’s mom. It feels awesome to know that we created such a beautiful, happy, and healthy baby.

Personal space, boys?

O Lord, grant thy strength and patience to the family of the child who was practicing the recorder this afternoon.

Y’all can keep your PSLs. It’s fall and my new Ugg Cozy II slippers have arrived! (I wore my old ones into the ground.)

…and then I found $5, bringing you high-quality blog posts since September 29, 2008. 

2,191 days too many.

Take a floaty scarf and fling it into the air, letting it settle on your baby’s head.
A fun game, according to BabyCenter, is to purposely put a piece of fabric over a baby’s face.

Link to story here.

Wow. What a piece of shit. It’s looking more and more like he’s behind the other missing girls from the area with this new revelation. 

Morgan Harrington’s parents finally get the closure they’ve been seeking for 5 years. 

He needs to be a man and start talking. The Graham’s… and the families of the other missing girls… need this. 

I have an iPad 2. Have had it for a few years now and use it primarily for reading and Facebook/Tumblr. I have no music and very few pictures on here, yet it has recently gotten soooo slow. Not the Internet, just everything operating-wise. I’ve tried restoring, deleting apps… nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?

The game wasn’t a win but her outfit was! She can’t wait to wear her Giants bow next week!

A chilly morning calls for baby slippers!

Little Hokie Girl

Lovely day for a Hokie party! 🏈🍗


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